Child Answer Sixteen

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  • Why are we in a Man’s world of doing everything

Why in a Man’s World

16. Everyone says ladies first and beauty before brains. The only source of human unconditional love is from a mother. So why do men and masculine thinking make most of the decisions. And why does the Vatican worship a mother.

Money and the concept of lack

Money and the concept of lack are the opening break-in tools man uses against himself to become ‘dominant’ in his mind. Exploitation of the ‘sensed need’ and sensual needs of others (which has signaled fight or flight and desires inside that person), are man’s follow-up tools.

Man has risen to a level of separation that he has pushed all things away from him as far as possible including the things he supposedly loves so much. Even in his relationships he pushes his children and his wife to the farthest reaches and has their entire groups of ‘all children’ and ‘all women’ as subsets of his world.

Man’s way and it is definitely not working out

You could say we tried it a man’s way and it is definitely not working out. We can see that we would be much better off with a woman’s point of view at least in balance if not in charge. How did we get like this ? Let us explore .

Fallen as “F” All In.

Forgive me for being an eternal optimist and a hopeless romantic but I see the Fallen as “F” All In. In other words “F” symbolizes the number of Man and Humanity and All In is what you do in a game of high chance and high rewards. I prefer to think of The Fallen as All of Us on Earth, together. And we together are “All In”, so to speak.

IMHO: ‘Fallen’ when we give our will over another

In my humble opinion, we are only Fallen when we give our Will to another. The same as placing your will over the Creator. I see this and everything as part of a Perfect Plan. After studying patterns around me and inside me for a lifetime, I see being Fallen as a grand experience of Air to Density and Back. Time as a construct, deconstructs time, please read on.

The World and the events happening now are showing us we have been looking every direction except where we came from.

Kevin Gilbert & Nina Wolfgang

The World and the events happening now are showing us we have been looking every direction except where we came from. All the new agreements we make are in most cases, ignoring previous agreements. It can become a trend. To go forward with new agreements even though the previous agreements must be overlooked or ignored.

We see this issue being solved and resolved many times when observing groups in action with a purpose.

In a group setting that meets to solve a problem, they hash out everything they agree on first. Then they hammer away at any disagreements. At every wall or impasse, they turn toward their past agreements, where they came from, toward the results, responses, ideas and actions that they previously agreed on. This is the key to success in any endeavor. This also works as an individual, inside yourself where you have to make logical, heart driven and neo-cortex/brain decisions. Go forth and at every stumbling block, turn toward what has been proven and agreed on. Meet any wall by looking at your previous agreements.

In the Ancient books the greatest philosophers have said that if you place your will over the Creators will that does not bode well. It is the same when we allow another’s will to have domain over us. Or when we put our will over another person as in when we compare ourselves to them or judge them. When we mock or ridicule them. When we ignore their suffering.

This can happen in a relationship, a job, a belief, a boss, a peer, spouse or to you as an individual with your weakness for poisonous tasty food, or the lazy bite sized and incomplete info you get to understand the world around you. It can happen from your ‘built-in’ false mental imprints, regurgitating peers, Propagandists in the Media. It could be peer pressure and the desire to be liked in a group. It could be sadness from previous events that have spiraled.

All these events allow the opportunity to follow and be like others who have allowed wills of others to be over them and through judgement of others and their actions, we allow our wills to be over another person. Our journey into density has landed us here, where it is socially acceptable to ignore the suffering of others.

We know that is real.

On one hand ignoring the pain and suffering of others is bad, on the other hand, we do get to experience a much deeper and meaningful density of physicality and mentality. These arrangements appear bad in one way but good in another. We know we have all witnessed others and ourselves go through great pain to achieve some greater equivalent. We know that is real.

We indeed are All In!

As The Fallen, we are doing this together. We indeed are All In! Going through great pain and suffering for the rewards of great density. We are accumulating knowledge, emotions, and physicality from many Ages before us. From a time when Man was much more Air than he was Dense. Over Ages we have accumulated Knowledge Again. Each Age absorbed into the inferior one until we match the Original Superior One. Ala Plato but with a modern re-build.

We are accumulating knowledge, emotions, and physicality from many Ages before us.

We believe there are many ways to prove this to any individual or group.

There are many ways for a Human Being to Being Human. We all have massive Intel about the Human model, the Earth Model and the Creator Model.

I suggest we all make teams together and shake hands on it. That we will all “Turn In (and) Tell – Intel” Together we have gathered. Now we gather it all together. Peace

….. the typical anti-Catholic claim that Catholic belief in Mary’s Queenship is warmed-over paganism. The author quotes Jeremiah 44:15-17, where the people of Judah rebelliously reject the prophet Jeremiah’s message in preference to their idolatrous worship of an entity called “the Queen of Heaven”—apparently the pagan deity Ishtar. The claim is that this idolatrous, pagan worship of the Queen of Heaven has been carried over by the Catholic Church into its “worship” of Mary as the Queen of Heaven.

Divine Feminine and Ecology

When you worship the masculine, it is very natural to look up heavenward. The sky is referred to as the masculine God. When you worship the feminine, you inevitably look at the planet on which you exist. It is not a coincidence or a consequence of linguistics that we refer to the Earth and the soil as the mother. There is an innate intelligence in this that when you say Earth, you naturally think it is feminine because it produces life. Everything that nourishes us comes from the breast of the Earth. It is from this context and an innate inner experience in every human being that when you say Earth, it is feminine.

Bringing awareness to the divine feminine is of great significance in today’s world, when we are growing through various levels of crisis, particularly ecological ones. At a juncture like this, where our own capabilities, science, technology and enterprise is destroying the very basis of our life, the divine feminine becomes very significant.

May we let the divine feminine energy and intellect into our lives. Please comment below.

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