Child Answer Thirty

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  • Can I imagine something into existence

30. Besides being made exclusively of air and water the human being is also attached to the source of all living things which gives him exclusive telepathic manifestation power over his existence in reality.

Stacks and stacks of books have been written about this, dreamed about and fictionalized around the plane. Entire books on methods of how to connect to this power have been written about.

We however find this power as mysterious as the air and water and feel it needs to be treated with awe and respect.

The mystery of the imagination is one of the greatest mysteries that’s ever been talked about. The word magi is contained within the word imagination. In ancient times the most learned Sheiks, Sufis and Prophets of the day were also known as magi. Even Ieosus (Je sus).

They learned the true format of life as a human being within the life called Earth. we all come to this place and experience within and without at the same time. Studying the format itself will lend itself to clues to understand your total parts and how they all work together.

Regarding the results of imagination they are everywhere we look in all the things we make and create with our mind and our hands. The imagination is something that we all accept as one of our major parts and that we all have one. We know that all the things that we touch in all the movies we watch and all the songs we listen to and the books we read all came from someone’s imagination.

The imagination is a small particle of the human mind which is a small particle of the human existence which is a small particle of all creation which is a very small particle of the creator. The imagination represents the original spark particle that was given to us to enable our living lives.

With the imagination, even in our restricted container bodies that we live in, all is possible. Everyone seems to know this in the most purest and surest way. I suggest we all turn to each other and allow that we accept that the imagination is real and a major player within our being hood.

Once we achieve this level of understanding and acceptance, then each of us can empower and enable each other to greater heights than we have ever imagined before.

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