Child Answer Twenty Eight

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  • Do we live more than once

28. The text that has been written and testified to about Reincarnation and living life on earth in multiple lifetimes is stacked higher and higher and higher as the years go by.

The books, writings and words on re-birth, multiple timelines and reincarnation go on and on and on, for a reason: To keep you here.

We are re-born again if we spent enough time looking outward and not enough looking inward. The dichotomy is the more you look externally the more there is and the smaller minded you become, therefor less awesome.

The more narrow your focus toward the internal, the more expansive your thought, realization and power becomes however small ‘you appear’ to those focused on external things.


Illusion; the unreality of the visible world; the glitters seen in the darkness of illusion; the 105 million glitters seen in the darkness of the mind which result in 105 million rebirths.

Mäyä is an energy or shakthi which takes on various shapes, causes man to forfeit his wisdom, and confuses and hypnotizes him into a state of torpor.

Mäyä can take many, many millions of hypnotic forms. If man tries to grasp one of these forms with his intellect, though he sees the form he will never catch it, for it will elude him by taking on yet another form

Bawa muhayadeen 1978 The Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh