Format of Humans – Males/Females

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Who Are We?

People are in two types of bodies, Male and Female. As we know from study, there are elements of Female and Male in each of us. In fact Males and Females are more than 80% identical.

By observing, we see that Males generally explore, calculate, break/take apart things, re-assemble things, tag and identify, claim as owned.

Females interests are generally much different. In charge of and likely to stay Home more, they do not break or take apart things and not very interested in claiming things.

Speed up to today, we have re-invented ourselves in an attempt to equalize our positions. However, if we look back a generation or two they had something we have put aside.

For many Ages we have written down and spoke on the position a Female and Male have in this world. We have a ton of back-data and each of our summary of it all.

Who Decides our Roles?

We do. After we decide to follow what every one else is doing. We all want to be part of the group. In many ways being accepted by others can be more important than knowing and accepting one’s own self.

We have developed a way to get all info about ourselves from made to order fast style delivery methods now in place everywhere. After school, peers, parents and the media we learn to look outside ourselves for all answers.

As far back as we look, Men and Women, in almost every culture, had a mutually beneficial relationship. We have always found a way to balance our ‘give and take’ relationships.

What is missing today is Regard for Others generally and this has happened in tandem with Men and Women’s views of each other. We have learned to look away as necessary to maintain our busy and mentally filled lifestyles. We have myriads of man-made stimuli to access and occupy our time and focus.

We have turned away from our Community obligations for so long it has led to a general disregard for suffering around the world and the needs of our counterparts in everyday life. Our committed partners.

We have come a long way. Together. We came here together to gather. To gather all there is to know about Creation and each other.

Much Love from Kevin and Nina

When we look around at Earth and all the other Life-Forms, we see a similar arrangement of energies as we see in ourselves. Everywhere in Life and Science the same story is being observed.

Constants and Reaching. As complex as Humans and Life Forms are, we are all based on two functions. One is Constant and Pulls In toward Home.

The other is Reaching and always getting Pushed Out or Away. This is the Pressure or Friction, so to speak, that causes Matter to form and interact. Science displays this observation in all their proclamations

Knowing that this is the base for Humans and Life, we can look for ways to collaborate these two dynamic energies and we can find new heights in our Mental, Emotional and Physical state. Over the Ages, we have become highly knowledgeable.

We will now combine all we have gathered about ourselves and each other. We will find new levels of Appreciation to find our Humbleness. This grants us Clarity and Forgiveness.

By finding these things in ourselves, we can walk and talk them. Being an example to others so they can join too. By practicing Appreciation, Humbleness, Clarity and Forgiveness, we will receive the state of mind of Non-Judgement.

These five practices will lead to great Strength and the Potential of Valor.

Human Beings are the most complex and complete arrangement of these Push and Pull forces on Earth. We have all the complexities of a Human Being. With the base attributes of Pushing and Pulling.

We are the most high and most exalted Creation within Earth. We must have a Purpose or there was no purpose in us being Created with so much complexity, simplicity of design and great potential.

So with these basics we can see we are formatted in a simple way and a very complex way, at once. Our obvious mission is to Live It! (Female view) or “get to the bottom of it!” (Male view).

So He wants the bottom of it and She wants the Top of it, metaphorically. Two dynamic energies, one pushing, one pulling.

The great mystery of Life and Ourselves.

This is the overview. Nothing has been proven. We feel however, there is more than enough evidence to draw some conclusions. For our group to agree, other parts of the model would need validations from each other in order to gain a consensus, move forward and evolve.

There are many more connections and conclusions and a few solutions. Collaborate and we gain greater solutions.

Also a ton of new science theories using Logical Math and Intuition. We have several discussion channels active now in the Human models, where you can read and join in.


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