Words Heard & Spoken Make Your Fortune

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Words Are Magic?

No, not magic. But you can make ‘magic’ in your Life by getting to know them.

The phrase abracadabra means I Create What I Speak. It is magical but magic literally is defined as executed with invisible or unknown forces. Here, we make those forces visible.

Here we will learn how picking the right words and sounds to say and hear will dramatically change our lives.

The English language has the tools to assist you in ‘languishing’ in it or picking your best ‘lane-gage’. There are mountains of books and study on the history of words, the symbols, the sounds, their meanings and so on. You will find access here to all the historical and relevant info but first we discuss the basics and intermediate ways to instantly and immediately change your life and relationships for the better. Rule #1: What you write or say out of your mind, hand and mouth has an effect / consequences. The outcome of your use of words will lean positively in your favor or you will see negative responses. Includes all you allow into your ears and consideration. The words we choose to express or consider shape not only our relationships but also our view of the world and ourselves. Rule #2: Learn the knowledge of sounds, words and their influence and start getting instant feedback! This will, in very simple ways, show you how to get people to like you and listen to you. Rule #3: This could be rule #1. More important in any relationship are our listening skills as we learn and evolve ten times faster when we listen as opposed to forming our next words. To receive this gift of learning, imagine yourself not judging the other person while you listen to them. Look directly into their eyes. Consider carefully the words and tone of their expression. Make your answers contain part of their statement or question. The above actions are so rare these days we could almost call them good deeds. In reality they are good deeds. Your friends and loved ones will notice. You will personally improve.
Since we were born we make a weave of images in our mind that shapes our views of ourselves and others. Over time, some of our views of ourselves and others, become fixed or hardened in the way we perceive them. A single set of words could cause an immediate reaction. We might think it is the cause of a pile of experiences turned into images or imprints in our memory. That is only part of the story however.
The letters and sounds are the beginnings of the written or spoken word. The amount of study and defining of the history and meanings are many. Today, you need only know this. Science and great men of all the Ages are knowledgeable of the physical energy of sounds, symbols (the letters) and colors. All shapes/symbols, colors and sounds are considered vibrations in the science world. Each shape/symbol has an associated or matching sound/vibration and an associated color. And the same for the sounds and colors. Our senses, eyes and ears cannot see the entire light spectrum. Our ears cannot hear all of the sound spectrum. But we know there are colors we cannot see and sounds we cannot hear. However, these ‘invisible’ sounds and colors are still having influence in our relationships and views of ourselves and the world. It is not necessary to study all the science on these topics but links are provided below. We need only recognize what effects what and adjust accordingly.

Phrases to Slow Evolving

“This makes me want to kill myself.” “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” “It was just a joke.”

Uplifting Phrases

“Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.” – Kyle Chandler “The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs… one step at a time.” – Joe Girard “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw
So phrases that end conversations with mockery or closed-mindedness end up putting a damper on or ending that relationship. Avoid them at all cost and your happiness will increase immediately. Listening to and considering others who are voicing or writing closed minded views or ending their statements with mockery or judgement will lend itself to you, yourself becoming someone who is close minded, mocks others and judges them. By simply taking yourself away from listening to or speaking in hurtful or judgmental language will yield you instant results. Your view of the world and yourself will improve. All your relationships will improve. You will form new relationships.
Become a Magician to yourself.
Magic is an ancient word and still has the same meaning today. It is influencing someone or something with invisible forces. We now know the forces they were talking about. The vibrations created when we use words and sounds, whether spoken, written, heard or viewed.

The rest of the secrets to words are relevant only to how much value or weight we attach to them. The symbols, sounds and colors have their own unique energy signatures but how we respond to them is our choice. When we place our values and what is most important to us above the words, then the words cannot have power over our values and principles. Will you let a word beat you? When you are with someone who is out-bursting or speaking rudely or offensively, they are either in pain, misguided or both. Think before becoming upset – Will I let the words and sounds ruin my day?

We Used the Following toward our Conclusions:

Ancient Phoenician Alphabet Ancient Greek Alphabet
The term sound symbolism refers to the apparent association between particular sound sequences and particular meanings in speech. Also known as sound-meaningfulness and phonetic symbolism. https://www.thoughtco.com/sound-symbolism-words-1692114 “Word, Sound and Power” is a Rastafarian concept that affirms the profound subconscious power of words. The subconscious power of our words is lost upon this distracted generation. We speak forth words unthinkingly. Too often we speak words (into the ears of our children and loved ones) without really knowing what is going on beneath the surface of our chatter and noise.  There is a profound subconscious (as well as conscious) effect upon our minds and spirits due to the words we hear and speak. https://goodmenproject.com/ethics-values/word-sound-and-power-the-subconscious-power-of-our-words-mlyd/
Evolution of the Alphabet
Graphology in regards to the shapes of letters: The meaning is based on geometric patterns found in the letter formation and the dynamics of a human body used to write it. Graphology allows us to understand the human thought process through handwriting. Zubinas Graphotherapy Classes Graphology in regards to handwriting: In fact graphologists are exceptionally fortunate in that they see before them, in black and white, the pattern in symbolic form of a writer’s whole psychological profile. By contrast, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists all over the world must formulate their own opinions solely on the basis of what is told to them over a period of time by the client in question. https://www.britishgraphology.org/about-british-institute-of-graphologists/what-is-graphology/
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https://www.instantlywiser.com/the-fractal-that-is-your-life https://www.instantlywiser.com/ Full access to all sections.
Check back for updates and more knowledge sharing.